Administrative Team

2017-2018 A-Team Picture copy.jpg

Left Side, Front to Back

  • Liz Wood, Principal
  • Kandace Blowey, Academic Achievement Specialist
  • Shannon Spear, 8th Grade Assistant Principal

Right Side, Front to Back

  • Dr. Jennifer Bell, Director of Instruction
  • Sarah Lacey, 8th Grade/Lead Counselor
  • Michelle Kolb, 7th Grade Counselor
  • Craig Churchill 6th Grade Substitute Counselor
  • Kerri Mauney, 7th Grade Assistant Principal


Liz Wood

Amber Hurst
Assistant Principal, 6th Grade

Kerri Mauney
Assistant Principal, 7th Grade

Shannon Spear
Assistant Principal, 8th Grade

Heather Ferguson
Counselor, 6th Grade

Michelle Kolb
Counselor, 7th Grade

Sarah Lacey
Counselor, 8th Grade

Jennifer Bell
Director of Instruction

Laura Poff
Media Specialist

Laura Pham
Nurse's office fax: (281) 373-2380

Laurie Fuller- LA/RD
Instructional Specialist

Susan Rosenauer
Instructional Specialist, Math

Jana Echols
Instructional Specialist, Science

Amanda Banks
Instructional Specialist, Social Studies

Kandace Blowey
Academic Achievement Specialist

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