Church supports two schools through Adopt-a-School program

February 16, 2015


Salyards Middle School principal Liz Wood and assistant principal Sarah Hubble present Second Baptist Cypress student pastor Andrew Nix with a thank-you basket after the church announced it would adopt the school on Feb. 16. 

Feb. 16, 2015—Representatives from Second Baptist Church’s Cypress campus visited Salyards Middle School and Ault Elementary School on Feb. 16 to announce Adopt-a-School partnerships with the two Fairfield schools.

The Adopt-a-School program allows schools to work together with community organizations and business partners to utilize the resources of the community to strengthen and enrich the quality of education for students.

SBC—Cypress Executive Pastor Stephen Bailiff said the adoptions will coincide with the church’s intent to build its Cypress campus on land purchased near Fairfield Place Drive and Cypresswood Drive.

“We want to make sure that the schools in our community know we love the teachers and the kids and the administrators,” Bailiff said. “We want to support them and build relationships. If there is ever a need outside of education, we want to be there to help fulfill those needs.”

Salyards Principal Liz Wood said she was ecstatic when she learned of SBC—Cypress’ adoption plans.

“I had never been at a school that was adopted before, so when I went to the A-team to ask for suggestions, the ideas started flowing and flowing,” Wood said. “I am hoping for the partnership to grow as our needs develop—volunteers, tutoring, mentoring, etc. We are thrilled that they are all on board to help the students out in any way.”

Ault Principal Jeff LaCoke was equally excited about the adoption news, having led another campus—Frazier Elementary School—that was involved in an Adopt-a-School partnership.

“My immediate thought was, ‘What an awesome thing for the students,’” LaCoke said. “They want to be involved and work alongside us and help us. They will impact and influence our students in a positive way. The possibilities are endless. I look forward to a long relationship between Ault and Second Baptist.”

To commemorate the adoption, Bailiff and the SBC—Cypress staff provided breakfast for Salyards and Ault staff members. Bailiff, Wood and LaCoke all signed Adopt-a-School partnership agreements to make it official.

“We’re very excited to help fulfill the school district’s goal of having every school be adopted,” Bailiff said. “We are in a community that knows us, and our plan is to know them and hopefully build a great relationship.”


The Adopt-a-School program has resulted in more than half of CFISD’s 86 campuses being “adopted.” For more information on the program, contact Leslie Francis, director of marketing and business relations, at 281-894-3951 or [email protected].


Leslie Francis, director of marketing and business relations, joins Second Baptist Cypress Executive Pastor Stephen Bailiff and Salyards Principal Liz Wood in celebrating their Adopt-a-School partnership.


Salyards teachers Kandace Blowey and Whitney Timmons congratulate each other while participating in an interactive game with Second Baptist Cypress staff members during their Adopt-a-School partnership on Feb. 16.


Ault Elementary School Principal Jeff LaCoke, Second Baptist Cypress Executive Pastor Stephen Bailiff and Director of Marketing and Business Relations Leslie Francis celebrate their Adopt-a-School partnership on Feb. 16.


Ault staff members react during an interactive game with Second Baptist Cypress staff members.


Second Baptist Cypress staff commemorate the two school adoptions with CFISD representatives Nicole Ray, assistant superintendent of communication and community relations; and Leslie Francis, director of marketing and business relations.


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