January 27, 2016

Salyards Middle School FCA officers, theatre department sock drive volunteers and girls’ athletics representatives display more than 2,500 pairs of socks that were collected in a sock drive for the homeless this month. 

Jan. 27, 2016—Salyards Middle School students more than doubled their goal in a recent effort to collect socks for homeless shelters, gathering 2,558 pairs to donate to Star of Hope and Covenant House in a six-day period.

The effort started when Texas history and world cultures teacher Angie Buck learned of a family sock donation idea on Pinterest from her mother, who gave the family a plastic container to keep on their porch to collect socks.

“Socks are among the most-needed items for the homeless but are among the least-donated,” she said. “The idea was for each person in your family to donate one pair a month, which for us would have been 60 pairs in a year. Our family agreed that this goal wasn’t big enough.”

Salyards staff members (L-R) Angie Buck, Doug Harbrueger and Kristin Forrest helped organize a school and communitywide sock drive for the homeless, shattering their initial goal of 1,000 pairs of socks. 

Buck posted the new goal of 1,000 pairs of socks on her Facebook page, and quickly had 52 pairs in her container within the first week. Soon, Salyards co-workers Doug Harbrueger and Kristin Forrest took notice and helped Buck organize a sock drive through the Salyards FCA, theatre department and girls’ athletics programs.

Through incentives including an advisory challenge for a doughnut party and raffle tickets during a “Sock it to Anthony” game, the donations quickly escalated. Students, teachers, coaches, administration, faith-based groups and community members all pitched in to support the cause.

The word even spread to the Cypress Lakes High School drill team, the Sterling Stars, under director Annette Stark, who donated 635 pairs of socks in one 24-hour drive.

“They surprised us with this donation that moved lots of us to tears,” Buck said.

The movement has even spread beyond Salyards. The Cypress Ranch High School FCA group is hosting a sock drive from Feb. 1-12, and Buck’s husband took the idea to his workplace.

“When you give a part of yourself to something like this, it is truly an eye-opening and life-changing event,” she said. “Our kids have learned that you must move, make it happen, and trust that the idea will grow if you just believe and reach out for awesome support.”

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